Food Cravings & Poor Nutrition Choices.

By experience with the years of working with my clients. Nutrition seems to be the topic were people struggle the most. There is generally not much knowledge about nutrition and it's easy to make some poor decisions, that are going to prevent you from reaching your goal(s) or slow down the progress of your goals. When we are hungry, Ghrelin the hunger hormone rises and if you have a bit of low blood sugar at the same time, you usually tend to think of the ''chocolates, lollies etc'' that your brain knows tastes great.

So how do we prevent that from happening?? Well... Here are some TOPICS that will greatly reduce these cravings and keep you right on track!

1) Get min 6-7 hrs of sleep: Stay in a good routine waking up the same time & going to bed the same time. Use bluelight filters for your screens and sleep in a dark, silent room. 2) Reduce Stress: Plan ahead! Write down the things you need to do the day before. Priorities the tasks. Take the time to take a 30 min nap or meditate. To clear your mind. 3) Food preparation: Dedicate days during the week for groceries and cooking for meal prep. Carry your meals or healthy snacks with you. So you don't make the poor decision when the cravings appear. 4) Awareness: Have the END GOAL in mind. Visualize yourself getting to your training goals. Be aware of the inner thought that appears (the little devil on your shoulder 😈) When the temptations to eat sugary, processed foods appears. You are most likely going to feel that you let yourself down after you've fallen in. 5) Drink plenty of water, eat fiber & protein rich foods. This will keep you full for longer and you wont have high amounts of Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) 6) Affirmation: Tell your friends, family & Co-workers about your goals and don't give in for bad choices when you're going out. Use Self-Affirmations to tell yourself that you don't need these foods and you are fueling your body with the good stuff.

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