6 Ways to stay Motivated!

Motivation, having a sense of purpose and goals is essential to change your life around, and keeping up with your workout routine! I have worked with so many people, during my time as a trainer and fitness instructor. - I've seen people coming in, and sticking to their training from the first session or class and still going years later. - I've seen people who are doing amazing, and for some reason just lose the ''drive'' to continue despite my best efforts to keep them going. - I've seen people, who lost the motivation and then came back even more motivated after this Covid-19 lock down.

- I've also soon people, who are just giving up way too fast / too soon. Being to stubborn to give it a proper go.

Here is, (from my experience) what works the best for everyone:

1. Set Some Goals: - What weight would you like to be at? - What size dress would you like to fit into? - What body fat % would you like to be? - What would you like to Bench Press, Squat and Dead lift? - How long would you like to be able to run for without having break? 2. Envision The Outcome: When I reach my goal, what would that look like? How would it make me feel? What would it mean for my future? What small present should I give myself for achieving this goal? 3. Find an Activity/Class/Program That You Like Doing. I.e our Fitness Kickboxing Classes (www.myfitnesskickboxing.com.au) or Strength & Conditioning classes, PT or running outdoors.

4. STICK TO IT! It usually take 66 days to form a habit. So keep going for a while until it becomes a part of your life you can't live without! 5. Get Yourself a Training Partner: Keep each other motivated, accountable and have fun together. Lift each other up on the days you don't feel like going.

6. "Who you spend most of your time with, is who you become" Consciously choose to spend more time with people with higher standards. People who don't lure you into to moving away from your goals and what you have already envisioned. Stay strong, people will respect your mental strength if you are able to say no, and you will exercise your mental discipline as well WIN / WIN!

Happy Training!!

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